Monday, April 5, 2010

Running the Show: an organically grown picture book. (read the comments to follow the rest of the story)

In the happiest valley in the happiest town everyone was happy except Junior, the mayor's son.


  1. The reason for Junior's unhappiness was almost certainly justified. Junior was unhappy because he was... different.

  2. Junior didn't have a nose.
    That meant no sneezing, no picking,
    no blowing, no nothing.
    For Junior, life stunk.

  3. Not that he could smell his life, but if he could he was sure it would be a lot worse than even rotten bananas, with their smushie brown skins and black insides.

  4. Now the problem of not having a nose depends totally on where you live; for example, if Junior was from Stinksville, home of the smelliest air, then not having a nose would make everyone envious of him, but Junior was from the city Rose where everything smells absolutely wonderful,or so he is told.

  5. "Junior!" bellowed the mayor. "Get out here now! Stop moping about in your room. Do not lament your lack of schnoz. You are a child of position and promise. Someday you may even be mayor yourself."

    "Oh Dad" sighed Junior, "you just don't understand. You've got the most pronounced proboscis in the tri-state area. Everyone makes fun of me because I don't have a nose."

    "I'm tired of all your moping" shouted the mayor. "Now go outside! And be HAPPY!"

  6. Junior moped down the street of roses, smelling nothing, and hating everything. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something rustling in the bushes. His misery forgotten, Junior crawled after it.

    Back in the thickest thorniest part of the bush, he saw the thing. Could it be?

    A NOSE!

    Ignoring the thorns, Junior pounced on the nose.

  7. "Hey kid, that's mine!" said an angry looking gorilla running towards Junior.

    Junior freaked out at the sight of a 300 lb purple gorilla running down the street towards him. So Junior took off running. The gorilla was closing in.

  8. But as the purple gorilla approached and Junior got a closer look at him, Junior started to smile.

    No he started to really feel happy.

    For the first time he found out what he really needed to be happy. So he called out to the purple gorilla, ". . .