Monday, September 27, 2010

Creative Kid Central Is Go!

If you frequent this blog then you've probably noticed my recent fascination with making creative writing prompts for kids.  Since I now have a small collection of prompts I figured I should make a place on the interwebs where they can be easily stored, sorted and downloaded.  So over the weekend I put together a little website that I call "Creative Kid Central."  Trust me, it's gonna be big (at least in my own mind.)

So yeah, I made a website.  Click HERE to check it out.  And stay tuned to this blog for announcements and updates on new C.K.C. content.

(PS: I built the C.K.C. using Google Sites.  It's a nice little system.  Pretty easy.  And nice looking to boot.  I'd recommend it to anybody looking to build a free website.)


  1. These are great! I would have loved to have had these types of assignments in elementary or middle school, even in high school. I am sure many students will benefit from these if their teachers find your site and want to strike their student's creative chords and bring their classrooms to life. Way to go Will!

  2. This is fantastic!! I'll share with anyone I know who teaches or lives with kids. How fun!