Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bee the Butt

“I thought it couldn’t get any worse. [Ugh.]”
“Well that really isn’t the point, is it.”
“What do you mean? [Urg.] Isn’t this clearly worse? [Humph.]”
“Yes and no.”
“If you desired something different than what the universe is giving you . . .”
“Then yes it is worse.”
“But if you can come to a place of acceptance.”
[Huff. Huff. Huff.]
“If you can simply be in the moment . . .”
“And not desire or want things to be different. . .”
[Huff. Huff. Huff.]
“Then no, it’s not worse. It just is.”
“Hah! Your full of [huff] it.”
“Yeah. [Huff] One hundred percent bull.”
“Now please, help me pull my antennae out from under this big fat human’s butt.”
“We’ll alright, but couldn’t you just try?”
“Try what?”
“To be one with the butt.”
“Arghh! You be the butt! Just sting ‘em already.”


  1. Fantastically gross visuals. Hahahahhahahahahahahaha.

    Nice punch line.

  2. From zen to butt jokes, though the multifaceted eyes of bees. Perfect!

    I like the rhythm of the grunting between phyilysophical statements. Its very poetic.

  3. Neil, you have a knack for the uncomfortable. I'm glad I'm not any of your characters in this sketch. Like Jed, I'm impressed with your surprising juxtaposition of elements.

  4. I'm proud to say that people say we have the same sense of humor. Dude, you are hilarious!