Saturday, January 2, 2010

Getting Verse

Can it get any worse?

by Rick Walton

“Can it get any worse?”

said the man to his wife.

“Our neighbor’s been bugging us

all of our life.

He’s constantly preaching.

Won’t leave me alone!

And now he is building

A ship on his own.

He’s constantly pounding.

Inceccesantly sawing.

And what’s with the animals

Roaring and pawing?

That old man is crazy.

That old man’s insane.

Maybe he’ll stop,

Now It’s starting to rain.”

“Can it get any worse?”

said the man from his seat.

He leaned back and propped up

his extra large feet.

“The staging is awful.

The playwright’s no good.

The actors all seem like

they’re made out of wood.

I’ve a nation to run.

Yet I just sit here, bored.

What could be worse.

than a play at the Ford?”

“Can it get any worse?”

said the man to his wife.

“I have seen nothing like it

in all of my life

The food is substandard.

The music, mundane.

Our suite is a closet.

The décor is plain.

The rabble are wretched.

Their children are manic.

I expected much more

From this new ship Titanic.”


  1. Oh the tragedy. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry. Probably both.

  2. You made me laugh with both my heart AND my mouth. Does this count as historical fiction?

  3. I think it's more like "creative nonfiction."

  4. Great verse. I love that you write in verse.

  5. Rick I love this. It has a really nice rythm to it.