Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alternative style

I really had a great time at the writing/illustrating conference last month. After talking with Kevin in the workshops he encouraged me to try this style I've been playing with a bit more, and see what happened. So I've been spending the last month working on some new page layouts for my book along with these other ideas. I'm curious to here any ones thoughts as to weather or not this style is worth pursuing (be honest I can take it)

Circus Peanuts

Dogs in Purses


  1. I love it. Makes me hahahahahahahahaha. I like your gestures in these a lot. Very expressive.

  2. Matt, SO fun! I especially like the circus image.

  3. There's nothing wrong with the style or your execution but I think it will have its limitations in use. The depth created by the layering feel of the bright illustrations agains a darker less defined backgroun makes the fore figures appear almost cut out or like an animation cell set against a painted background. This takes away any sense of movement for me. The characters look frozen in place. This same look, although different mediums, worked for Mo Wilhems in his Knuffle Bunny titles so it's doable, just needs to fit the story.